Date Published: 10/10/2018

Natural Sciences Issue

Investigating volatile components, estimating total alkaloid and total proanthocyanidin in the leaves of Phyllanthus acidus (L.) Skeels, Euphorbiaceae
Anh Duy Huynh, Thanh Phong Tiet, Thi Ngọc Giàu Lam
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Page: 59-63
Effects of several external factors on short term storage of in vitro shoot of Dendrobium Caesar White orchid by artificial seed
Thi Thuy Le, Van Loc Pham, Thi Huong Trinh, Thi Anh Thoa Tran, Hoang Duy Dang Nguyen
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Page: 64-68
Researching alum water absorption by biocoal from rice straw in Tan Tien Commune, Tri Ton District, An Giang Province
Do Minh Luan Kieu, Minh Luan Huynh
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Page: 69-72