Date Published: 28/04/2017

Natural Sciences Issue

Covergence of hybrid algorithms for α-nonexpansive mappings in Hilbert spaces
Diem Ngoc Huynh, Trung Hieu Nguyen
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Page: 76-82
Sufficient conditions for solution stability of nonlinear time-varying perturbed difference systems with delays
Trung Hieu Le, Thi Thu Hai Nguyen
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Page: 83-88
Investigating in vitro antioxidant activities of Enhydra fluctuans Lour. extract via DPPH and MDA assay
Anh Duy Huynh, Thi Ngoc Giau Lam, My Linh Bui
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Page: 89-92
Floral diversity in the historical-natural relic site of Xeo quit in Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province
Thi Thanh Mai Pham
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Page: 93-97
The status-quo of eleotridae-goby resource exploitation in lower Mekong river
Thanh Toan Vo, Dac Dinh Tran
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Page: 98-104
Grid-connected control of an integrated solar cell-wind turbine using the algorithm of maximum power point tracking
Kim Anh Le
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Page: 116-120