Date Published: 24/12/2016

Natural Sciences Issue

Studying chemical constituents of the stems of Premna serratifolia L.
Anh Duy Huynh, Thi Huyen Linh Nguyen, Van Nam Lam
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Page: 75-78
Nano spinel Li4Mn5O12 material synthesized by hydrothermal method
Minh Thao Nguyen, Minh Xuan Pham
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Page: 79-83
Investigation on the geometrical and electronic structures of MnS3−/0 clusters by computational chemistry and interpretation of the anion photoelectron spectrum
Van Tran Tran, Quoc Tri Tran, Minh Thao Nguyen, Trung Cang Phan, Van Tan Tran
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Page: 84-90
Using extracted solution from Plumbago zeylanica L. on Macrobrachium rosenbergii larval rearing
Le Hoang Yen Nguyen
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Page: 91-95