FFactors affecting the situation and needs in nutrition care for HIV/AIDS-infected children and HIV/AIDS-affected  children in An Giang province

Thi Kim Lien Tran1
1 An Giang University

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On surveying 130 people taking care of the patient children and 40 organizations providing direct services to those children, this study indicates that there is still room for supporting food, nutrition as well as medical care for HIV/AIDS-infected children and the HIV/AIDS-affected. The main findings show that these children’s survival and development right are not fully assured. Some factors such as family living standards, HIV infection level are primary for nutrition care. And the fact that “children have HIV” highly demands for medical care. Thereby, the study comes up with solutions to the state units related, and organizations providing services for those patient children in An Giang province, as well as to caregivers as such to increase  and extend nutrition and health support to meet the children’s needs.

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