Date Published: 28/02/2018

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Phát triển đội ngũ giáo viên trung học phổ thông đáp ứng chuẩn nghề nghiệp ở huyện đảo Phú Quốc, tỉnh Kiên Giang
Van De Nguyen, Ngoc Toan Nguyen
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Page: 3-5
Vocational training management to meet social needs at Bac Kan boarding ethnic vocational college
Thi Hieu Phi, Quang Tuyen Ly, Thi Lieu Dao
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Page: 6-12
Developing primary education students’ teaching competence
Huy Can Duong, Duy Cuong Le
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Page: 13-18
Using plane figure areas in visual illustrations for arithmetic properties
Thi Bach Lien Le, Van Cuong Le
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Page: 19-25
Building and using chemistry exercices for developing high schoolers’ science competence
The Binh Phan, Hoang Phuong Thanh Doan
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Page: 26-31
Educating Mekong Delta students’ ethics under Ho Chi Minh’s ethics formation principles
Thi Bich Diem Vo, Hong Cong Trinh
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Page: 32-37
Selecting criteria to assess the fitness level of shooting-specified students, Sports Training Major, Ho Chi Minh city University Of Sports And Physical Education
Tien Tien Nguyen, Thi Hong Tham Nguyen
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Page: 38-40
Investigating the development of professional fitness and basic techniques in An Giang University male student volleyball team after one year training
Van Han Pham
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Page: 41-45
Factors affecting green purchasing behavior at Ho Chi Minh city
Nam Khanh Giao Ha, Thi Kieu Nhung Dinh
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Page: 46-55
Giao lưu văn hoá của hai dân tộc Việt Nam - Nhật Bản qua hoạt động thương mại của Nhật Bản tại Đàng Trong thế kỷ XVII
To Quoc Thai Duong
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Page: 56-64
The reality-reflecting value of place-names in Soc Trang
Thuy Diem Nguyen, Minh Ca Nguyen
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Page: 65-70
So sánh ý niệm về không gian trong tiếng Việt và tiếng Đức qua ví dụ “trên - dưới”
Thi Hanh Tran
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Page: 71-78
Mechanisms and policies to promote regional links in making and developing agricultural economy in the Mekong Delta
Thi Hoai thuong Le
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Page: 79-82
FFactors affecting the situation and needs in nutrition care for HIV/AIDS-infected children and HIV/AIDS-affected  children in An Giang province
Thi Kim Lien Tran
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Page: 83-89
Some considerations of building the outdoor playground environment for pre-school children
Thi Lan Vo, Thi Bich Van Le
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Page: 110-113
Social workers’ role in supporting immigrant workers to approach social services in Ho Chi Minh city
Thanh Hai Pham, Thi Thu Hoai Hoang
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Page: 114-120