Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Developing leaders and managers’ administrative and managerial competences in Vietnamese universities
Tan Dat Truong, Van De Nguyen, Cam Thao Trang Huynh, Thuy Nhu Phuong Tran
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Page: 3-9
Developing professional capacity for education administrators and teachers for the 2018 General Education Program implementation
Thi Tuyet Hanh Nguyen
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Page: 10-17
A study on information technology competence in the context of educational innovation
Kim Nen Tran, Minh Gian Pham
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Page: 18-26
Development and evaluation of digitally managing university extracurricular activities
Xuan Ha Giang Nguyen, Lam Thanh Toan
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Page: 27-38
TESOL-major students’ perceptions and practices on group autonomy at Dong Thap University
Ngoc Phuong Dong Pham, Thanh Nguyet Anh Le
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Page: 39-46
Factors influences scientific research activities of engineering students at An Giang University
Thi Thanh Truc Huynh, Thi Hong Trinh, Nguyen Ngoc Han Ly
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Page: 47-54
Solutions to improving Google Earth, Earth Pro, and Maps application in teaching Physical Geography to Geography Pedagogy students, Dong Thap University
Thai Duong Phung
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Page: 55-67
Solutions to raising students’ interest in teaching and learning Mathematics 10 (The 2018 General Education Program)
Duy Thanh Hang
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Page: 68-73
Teaching 5th-graders Geometry and Measurement content towards developing creative thinking
Thi Truc Minh Nguyen
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Page: 74-82
Designing and using learning games for third graders to enhance mathematics performance and motivation
Ngoc Dan Nguyen, Bao Chau Tuong
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Page: 83-95
Using teaching facilities to support Khmer ethnic students at some primary schools in Soc Trang, An Giang and Dong Thap in learning Vietnamese
My Linh Huynh
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Page: 96-105
Building compound-sentence exercises for 5th-graders in competency-based teaching
Thanh Hai Dang
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Page: 106-114
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Some cultural pratices in Vietnamese and American weddings
Thi Tuyet Nguyen
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Page: 115-120