Date Published: 25/12/2019

Natural Sciences Issue

Necessary efficiency conditions for the local superefficient solutions of vector equilibrium problems with general inequality constraints and applications
Van Su Tran, Thanh Phong Nguyen, Ngoc Quoc Tran, Thi Bich Lai Nguyen
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Page: 74-80
Investigating the absorption spectrum of spheroidal quantum dot
Sỹ Tài Hoang
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Page: 81-86
Studying the gas chromatography of spectrometry mass combined with the head-space technique to analyze trihalomethanes in Ho Chi Minh city
Vo Thi Nga Vo, Thuy Vi Vo
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Page: 87-91
Effects of momordica cochinchinensis nectar, saccharose sugar, gelatin, and heat treatment on the quality of gel candy processed from fruit of borassus flabellifer and momordica cochinchinensis
Kim Quyen Diep, Thi Thanh Dao Vu
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Page: 92-98
Preliminary results from culturing asiatic painted frog (Kaloula pulchra) by different living-feed
Cong Trang Nguyen, Huu Tru Huynh, Thi Ngoc Tram Truong
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Page: 112-118