Date Published: 25/04/2018

Natural Sciences Issue

Generalized Studniarski derivatives and its applications
Thi Bich Van Dang, Duc Thinh Vo
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Page: 60-64
On the exsitence and approximation of fixed points of monotone mappings satisfying condition (E) in partially ordered Banach spaces
Ai Lam Pham, Trung Hieu Nguyen
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Page: 65-73
Studying the atom number impacts on FeNi sample microstructure by molecular dynamics method
Trong Dung Nguyen, Chinh Cuong Nguyen, Kim Hoang Cap
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Page: 74-78
Studying synthesis and properties of inorganic–organic modified bentonite materials to treat blue methylene and phosphate in water
Tan Tai Le, Thanh Luan Duong, Van Thang Bui
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Page: 79-86
Evaluating the treatment capacity of seafood processing on SiO2 nanomaterial with pilot scale
Van Hung Nguyen, Ngoc Bich Nguyen, Trung Cang Phan, Thanh Tuyen Le
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Page: 87-90
Isolating and selecting thermotolerant lactic acid bacteria from agricultural wastes
Hoang Dang Long Bui, Xuan Phong Huynh, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Thi Phuong Dung Ngo
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Page: 91-97
Floral diversity in the relic site of Junior Doctor Nguyen Sinh Sac’s tomb in Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province
Thi Thanh Mai Pham
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Page: 98-104
Ảnh hưởng của phương pháp cho ăn luân phiên các thức ăn có mức đạm khác nhau đến tăng trưởng của cá trê lai giống (Clarias macrocephalus x Clarias gariepinus)
Quoc Phong Le, Huynh Nhu Le, Hong Son Thuong La
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Page: 105-110