Date Published: 30/06/2019

Natural Sciences Issue

Synchronization on the network of two Fitzhugh-Nagumo systems with the effect of the external electrical stimulation
Long Van Em Phan
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Page: 74-77
Species diversity and distribution of earthworm in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Thi Kim Binh Trinh
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Page: 78-83
Investigating morphology, biology, host plants and preying ability of Coccinella transversalis on vegetable
Van Khai Tran
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Page: 84-88
Pendubot controls using Linear Quadratic Regulator Combined Fuzzy
Thanh Nguyen Nguyen, Phong Luu Nguyen, Van Dong Hai Nguyen
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Page: 89-93
Applying Stella model to caculate water balance for the dike enclosures
Van Tuan Nguyen
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Page: 94-100