Dong Thap University Journal of Science

Part B: Natural Sciences

No 14 (2015-8)

Date Published: 15/08/2015

Natural Sciences Issue

The fixed point theorem for almost generalized (ψ ,ϕ)- contractive mappings in ordered b -metric spaces
Thanh Nghia Nguyen, Trung Hieu Nguyen
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Page: 64-70
Cloning and analyzing the 28s rRNA gene sequence of a cellulase-producing mushroom strain
Dinh Kha Trinh, Thi Huyền Nguyen
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Page: 71-74
An investigation of Cu2+ adsorption by bentonite and acid-activated bentonite: Effects of clay amount, initial concentration and adsorption isotherm
Van Thang Bui, Thi Thuy Trang Nguyen
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Synthesis and “in vitro” experiment on hydroxyapatite material in simulated body fuild (SBF) solution
Xuan Vuong Bui, Thuy Vi Vo, Tan Hiep Dang
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Page: 87-91
Gemstones synthesizing methods
Thuc Boi Huyen Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Suong Ho, Thi Hong Thuy Phan, Ngoc Huyen Le
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Page: 92-96
Investigating the isolation of Bacillus spp strains with high probiotic activity from naturally fermented products in Thai Nguyen City
Thi Tuyen Do, Bich Due Do, Xuan Tao Vu, Thi Minh Nguyen
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Page: 75-79