Date Published: 15/10/2015

Natural Sciences Issue

A common fixed point theorem for weakly tangential maps in b-metric spaces
Thi Thanh Ly Nguyen
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Page: 73-78
Integrated model based on federated database for building integration infromation system in Dong Thap University
Huu Duyet Nguyen
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Page: 79-82
New factor of obesity: endotoxin from gut microbiota
Anh Thoai Nguyen
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Page: 83-85
Nghiên cứu đặc điểm sinh học và khả năng gây hại của sâu đục thân (Neurostrota gunniella Busck, 1906) trên cây mai dương (Mimosa pigra L.) ở ngoại ô thành phố Huế
Quang Vu Le, Van Giang Tran
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Page: 86-88
Producing organic manure by aerobic compost
Mong Thu Phan, Thi Hai Ly Nguyen
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Page: 89-95
Total station technology used in mapping the topographic to make plans for upgrading Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province
Huu Long Nguyen
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Page: 115-120