Effect of culture media on micropropagation and in vitro flowering of Red Eden rose (Rosa ‘Red Eden’)

Phuc Diem Quynh Nguyen1, Thi Pha Nguyen2,
1 Student, Biotechnology Research and Development Institute, Can Tho University, Vietnam
2 Biotechnology Research and Development Institute, Can Tho University, Vietnam

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Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world because of their beauty, color, aroma as well as their various uses and Red Eden rose is one of the most popular hybrid roses. Results of the study showed the most optimal medium for shoot multiplication, which was MS + 30g/l of sucrose + 8g/l of agar supplemented with 0.5mg/l of BA. The optimal medium for growth and flowering was ½MS + 30g/l of sucrose + 8g/l of agar supplemented with 30μM of AgNO3. However, NAA at all tested concentrations did not show any effect onin vitro plant growth.

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