Date Published: 10/10/2017

Natural Sciences Issue

Investigating the ugn property of the leavitt path algebra on the power graph
Huu Tinh Nguyen, Tan Phuc Ngo
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Page: 61-64
Investigating pharmacognostic characteristics and chemical constituents from stems of Premna serratifolia L. and leaves of Erythrina variegata L.
Anh Duy Huynh, Ba Quan Nguyen, Thi Kim Huyen Nguyen
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Page: 65-68
Investigating the effect of carboxymethyl cellulose concentrations on the growth, survival and antifungal activity of Lactobacillus on postharvesting on fungi of Lasiodiplodia pseudotheobromae
Thi Ngoc Truc Nguyen, Thi Hien Do, Phan Thao Nguyen
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Page: 69-76
Investigating the effect of rice endophytic bacteria on some common rice varieties cutivated in the Mekong Delta region at their vegetative phase
Thi Pha Nguyen, Van Be Nam Tran, Dinh Gioi Tran
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Page: 77-83
Studying diseases and effectiveness of controlling some major diseases on heave brasiliensis at the primary non-harvest stage in Quang Binh Province
Thi Thuc Anh Bui, Minh Hai Tu
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Page: 84-89
Problems and solutions to fish cage-culture with combined tourism model in My Tho City, Tien Giang Province
Cong Trang Nguyen
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Page: 90-96