Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Digital transformation in global higher education: A review of literature and implications for Vietnamese universities
Thi To Loan Pham
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Page: 3-11
Measurement of students’ satisfaction in online courses at Dong Thap University
Van Canh Nguyen, Van Tac Pham, Thi Bich Van Le
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Page: 12-23
Developing student's self-study capability through models for readers at Le Vu Hung Resources Center, Dong Thap University
Thi Nhu Quyen Nguyen
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Page: 24-36
The reality of students’ communication skills in Faculty of Social Sciences Teacher Education, Dong Thap University
Thi Xuan Dai Nguyen, The Thuong Tong
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Page: 37-44
Exploring the teachers’ practices of corrective feedback in teaching Speaking: A case at an English center
Hoai An Nguyen, Ngoc Thach Phan
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Page: 45-55
STEM products of mechanical subjects making water fire model
Thiet Truong Pham, Thai Thuy Le Ha
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Page: 56-66
Designing lesson plans on Natural - Social subject developing student qualifications and competences
Huy Can Duong
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Page: 67-75
Using words in solving mathematical problems for developing grade-2 students’mathematical communication competency
Manh Hung Kieu, Quang Tran Khanh Linh Le
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Page: 76-87
Measures to build material environment for children aged 5-6 to discover science at kindergarten schools in Lap Vo district, Dong Thap province
Nguyen Thi Nhu Mai Tran, Thi Bao Tran Dao, Huyen Hao Cao, Thuy Diem Nguyen
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Page: 88-98
Some characteristics of poetic genres in poetry section of Dong Thap Literature And Arts Newspaper
Thi Thanh Nguyen Nguyen, Son Lam Huynh
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Page: 99-109
Specifics of Quan Thanh De Quan belief in Hong Ngu City, Dong Thap Province
Thanh Tung Duong
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Page: 110-120