Date Published: 30/10/2019

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Human resource development for experiential education activities in gifted high schools
Dai Nghia Tran
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Page: 3-7
Measures to manage the facultyevaluation at Dong Thap University
Thi Ngoc Thu Nguyen
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Page: 8-18
Using authentic materials to develop students’ knowledge in teaching natural topics of third-grade socio-natural subject
Huy Can Duong, Thanh Nguyen Tran
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Page: 19-22
Assessing the students’ satisfaction level on training services at Dong Thap University
Van Canh Nguyen
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Page: 23-29
Factors affecting business and production operation of women- owned entrepreneurs (A case study of An Giang province)
Duc Duong Dam
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Page: 30-36
Initial investigation of “Tokkebi monster” in the Korean fairy stories
Diem Quynh Le
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Page: 37-41
J.Krishnamurti's life philosophy and practical values for educating humanities to the Vietnamese in the current phase
Thi Hong Yen Nguyen
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Page: 42-52
Formats and solutions to effective law education to students of Da Nang vocational college today
Duc Tho Lê
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Page: 83-88
Professional ethics of investigative journalists
Thi Kieu Oanh Nguyen
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Page: 89-94
A study on the Grand Monk Ha Minh Nhut
Thu Van Le
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Page: 95-101
Chicken symbol in Dong Ho paintings
Thi Kim Ngan Nguyen
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Page: 102-107
Factors influencing the liquidity risks of commerical banks in Vietnam
Thanh Dat Nguyen
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Page: 108-112