Date Published: 10/08/2020

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Managing the activities of divisions in Culture and Tourism Faculty, Dong Thap University, current situation and solutions
Hoang Phong Tran
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Page: 3-12
Developing specific competencies for Primary-School students in Science teaching
Huy Can Duong, Thanh Nguyen Tran
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Page: 13-20
Measuring student satisfaction of the quality of Dong Thap University library's services
Van Canh Nguyen
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Page: 21-32
Organizing creative activities of paper marbling painting for elementary students
Dieu Linh Pham
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Page: 33-41
Perfecting the maintenance of the direct labor source at TNG Thai Nguyen fashion branch
Thi Hong Tran, Van Quan Hoang
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Page: 42-51
The role of Khmer Theravada buddhist monks in legal popularization and education in Mekong Delta
Viet Dat Dang, Thi Quyen Hoang
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Page: 52-61
The criteria for identifying prose poetry
Thi Chinh Nguyen
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Page: 62-71
Human issues in poetry by Thanh Thao
Van Hau Le
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Page: 72-77
Conservation and development of Dinh Yen Mattress Weaving Villages for tourism activities
Thi Thanh Yen Le, Manh Nhan Phan
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Page: 78-87
Ho Chi Minh’s Thought of independence and sovereignty
Van Quang Nguyen
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Page: 88-95
Damage compensation due to violating others’ honor, dignity, prestige by Vietnamese civil law
Thi Hong Van Nguyen
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Page: 96-102
Phân tích hiệu quả kinh tế của mô hình một vụ chuyên tôm và một vụ xen ghép tại xã Quảng Công, huyện Quảng Điền, tỉnh Thừa Thiên Huế
Hong Hieu Tran, Thi Mai Nguyen, Thi Thanh Nhan Tran
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Page: 103-110
Solutions to preserve and promote the traditional weaving handicraft in Tan Phuoc District, Tien Giang Province from a cultural perspective
Thi Thanh Ngo, Thi Phuong Em Nguyen
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Page: 111-120