Date Published: 31/08/2016

Natural Sciences Issue

Directional (convex) subdifferential and applications
Thi Thanh Thao Nguyen, Duc Thinh Vo
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Page: 72-77
Directionally BCQ and strong BCQ of solution sets for convex inequalities and applications
Ngoc Cam Huynh
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Page: 78-84
Assignment of photoelectron spectrum of MnS− cluster by computational quantum chemistry
Van Tran Tran, Quoc Tri Tran, Minh Thao Nguyen, Trung Cang Phan, Van Tan Tran
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Page: 85-89
Isolation and selection of lactic acid bacteria applied in papaya juice fermentation
Ngoc Tram Anh Lu, Hoang Dang Long Bui, Tri Trung Dang, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Hoang Dang Long Bui, Thi Phuong Dung Ngo, Xuan Phong Huynh
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Page: 90-94
Water quality variation in the catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) rearing recirculation system
Thi Hong Nho Nguyen
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Page: 95-101
The effects of the treated concentrationand time of 1- methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) on the postharvest D. Sonia orchid cut
Ngoc Si Le, Thuy Trang Nguyen
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Page: 102-108