Date Published: 22/12/2014

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

An outlook on ‘morality-laws-lifestyles/behaviors education” for young people in the current circumstances
Quoc Bao Dang, Minh Gian Pham
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Page: 3-7
Developing group of union officials in secondary schools
Tuan Thanh Nguyen, Nguyen Du Vo
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Page: 8-11
Some solutions on managing teaching facilities in the Binh Dinh Province Center for training transportation professionals
Thanh Hieu Nguyen
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Page: 12-15
Ottoman empire’s dominant policies in the Balkans
Thi Nhung Tran
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Page: 16-21
Some solutions to improving the management of the cultural historical relic - the Independence Palace
Thi Hoa Trinh, Thi Boi Uy Nguyen
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Page: 22-27
The meanings of american educational philosophy in the second half of the 20th century
Van Tung Le
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Page: 28-37
Applying video clips in delivering listening comprehension lessons for the third year English majors
Hong Phuong Thao Le
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Page: 38-44
Region and people in the South in Southern writers’ short stories - period 1954 – 1975
Ngoc Phu Nguyen
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Page: 45-53
The year 2015, opportunities and challenges to Ho Chi Minh City textile enterprises
Hai Chau Pham
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Page: 54-62
Rural labor in Dong Thap - problems and solutions
Hoang Trung Nguyen
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Page: 63-68
Fostering students' capacity of intellectual adaptation through teaching the topic of calculating the pyramid volume
Xuan Mai Vo
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Page: 69-73
Designing and using assignments of problem-raising in chapter amine, amino acid and protein in grade-12 Chemistry
Quang Vinh Trang
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Page: 83-88
Communication culture in the workplace - problems and solutions
Van Tho Tran
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Page: 113-116
Training students’ chemistry practice skills via the module of inorganic chemistry experiment
Thi Thu Lieu Dang
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Page: 117-120