Date Published: 14/03/2024

Natural Sciences Issue

Wild orchids diversity  in Lai Son and Nam Du islands in Kien Giang province
Tu Trinh Tran, Thi Phi Yen Ho, Minh Quan Dang
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Page: 3-12
Estimating the greenhouse gas agricultural emission: a case study at O Mon district, Can Tho city
Thi Hong Diep Nguyen, Van Hoang Thanh Nguyen, Minh Man Do, Trong Nguyen Nguyen, Ho Nguyen
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Page: 13-21
Isolation and evaluation of thermophilic bacteria for ethanol fermentation from agricultural materials
Thi Pha Ly Nguyen, Duy Hoang Vo, Thi Truc Phuong Le
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Page: 22-31
Soil characteristics and flora diversity in Cam mountain and Dai Nam Gieng mountain, An Giang province
Thi Hai Ly Nguyen, Diem Mi Phan, Trung Lap Nguyen, Thi Thuy Giang Nguyen, Minh Triet Bui
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Page: 32-40
Assessing ability of antagonistic actinomycetes to Fusarium moniliforme in net house condition
Duy Hoang Vo, Huynh Hong Vu Ha, Thi Pha Ly Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Lanh Nguyen
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Page: 41-51
Surveying the development and growth of thai paper flowerscion (Bougainvillea spp.) with red, orange, pink plants colors grafted on the original paper rootstock
Thi Cam Tu Tran, Huynh Hong Vu Ha, Duy Hoang Vo
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Page: 52-57
Effects of ingredients on physical and sensitive value of taro biscuits
Kim Quyen Diep
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Page: 58-64
Effects of factors on the structure and crystallization process of Cu1-xAux alloy (x=0.25; 0.5; 0.75) by molecular dynamics simulation method
Quoc Tuan Tran, Van Hoang Ong, Thi Thu Cuc Nguyen, Trong Dung Nguyen
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Page: 65-73
Removing Rhodamine B from aqueous solutions by Zn/Fe-doped MIL-53(Al)
Dinh Du Pham
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Page: 74-82
The factors influencing the hydrodistillation process and determination of chemical composition, antibacterial activity of essential oils from the roots and leaves of Premna serratifolia L.
Thu Ha Bui, Minh Tam Vo, Gia Huy Vo, Cao Duy Nguyen, Thanh Tin Tran, Thi Thanh Ngan Le, Nguyen An Sa Tran
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Page: 83-90
Theoretical study of the reaction mechanism between propynylidyne original (Ċ3H) and propanenitrile molecule (C2H5CN)
Quoc Tri Tran, Quoc Vinh To
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Page: 91-98
Magnetic Fe2O3/biochar composite prepared by hydrothermal method for Cu2+ removal in water
Kim Tai Dang, Thi Tu Anh Huynh
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Page: 99-107
Evaluating trigonometric systems in triangles without using area factors
Nguyen Thi Bao Uyen, Van Su Tran
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Page: 108-115
Derivatives with degree of freedom of multifunctions and application
Duc Thinh Vo, Ngoc Cam Huynh
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Page: 116-120