Date Published: 28/02/2019

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Designing electronic products used in sexual abuse preventing education for primary-school children
Van Loc Dinh, Thi My Duyen Pham, Thi Cuc Mai, Hoang An Nguyen
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Page: 3-9
To protect the clean atmostphere for 4th grade students
Thi Minh Phuong Pham, Thi Tuong Vi Nguyen
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Page: 10-16
Building and creating school culture - from perspective to practice
Van Khanh Pham
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Page: 17-20
Realities and solutions of managing internal inspection and examination at Kien Giang University
Thi Anh Tran
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Page: 21-26
Vocal characteristics of music pedagogy students at An Giang University
Dinh Loc Tran
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Page: 27-32
Current forms and contents of extra-curricular sports activities for students at Tra Vinh University
Toan Nang Nguyen
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Page: 33-35
The struggle to protect the revolutionary military bases in the Mid – Central Region in the Anti – American war (1960-1965)
Thúy Hien Tran
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Page: 41-47
The Khmers’ obsequise in current theravada belief in An Giang Province
Thi Hoang Phuong Nguyen
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Page: 48-56
The characteristics of place-name legends related to historical events and anti-invasion figures in the Mekong Delta
Thi Hong Hanh Do
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Page: 57-65
The land symbol in Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Thi Tuyet Nguyen
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Page: 66-71
Factors of junior high school dropping out in An Phu District, An Giang Province
Thi Hong Hanh Le
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Page: 72-81