Date Published: 26/06/2016

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Some measures of managing professional group activities at high schools in online school format
Thi Chuc Nguyen, Thi Hang Phung, Tuan Long Tran
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Page: 3-7
Learner capacity development through the use of teaching media in Nature - Society programs at primary schools
Huy Can Duong, Minh Thanh Ngo
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Page: 8-11
Formulating learning methods for Dong Thap University students
Mong Tuyen Huynh
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Page: 12-1
Measures of managing ethics education for students in Nguyen Van Nguyen School High, Thoi Binh Districts, Ca Mau Province
Van Doan Nguyen
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Page: 19-21
Dong Thap University lecturer’s psychological counseling role for students: realities and solution
Thi Xuan Dai Nguyen, Hoang Minh Tri Nguyen
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Page: 22-26
Three algorithms solving irrational equations, inequations and equation system by subtracting and adding integrated expressions
Quoc Phong Pham
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Page: 27-34
Using IPA model to evaluate the quality of training services at Tuy Hoa Industrial College
Van Thai Huynh
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Page: 35-42
Studying factors influencial to net interest margin of commercial banks In Vietnam
Thi Bich Thuan Nguyen, Minh Thanh Le
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Page: 43-48
Vietnam - Hungary science and technology cooperation
Thi Hong Nguyen
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Page: 49-55
Originality in the vietnamese translation of “the thorn birds” in terms of rhetorical devices
Quang Hung Nguyen, Thi Kim Dung Pham
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Page: 56-62
Actual activities of monitoring banks in Vietnam
Dien Vy Phan, Thi Linh Phan
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Page: 94-101
Developing craft village tourism in Dong Thap province
Minh Triet Nguyen
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Page: 102-109
Some limitations of dragon fruit production in Long an province and sustainable development solutions
Tuan Nguyen, Thi Nhu Y Nguyen
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Page: 110-114