Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

The reality and measures of moral education management for lower secondary school students in Vi Thuy district, Hau Giang province
Van Thanh Dinh, Ngọc Thạch Phan
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Page: 3-9
Training students’ critical thinking through teaching Newton’s generalized binomial theorem in high school
Xuan Mai Vo, Ngoc Vu Le
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Page: 10-20
Measures to improve Vietnamese text reading skills for Primary Education students, Dong Thap University
Thi Que Hoang
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Page: 21-31
Mindmaps used in designing antonyms exercises for grade-5 students’ ability development
Phuong Du Mai, Hoang Anh Tran, Thi Thuy Duong Nguyen, Truong Yen Nhi Nguyen
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Page: 32-39
Antecedents and consequences of students’ identification with An Giang University brand
Dinh Le Thu Huynh, Thi Thu Ngan Pham, Thị Diễm Hằng Nguyen, Phu Thanh Nguyen
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Page: 40-53
Assessing local human resources on rural tourism development in Vinh Thanh district, Can Tho city
My Tien Ly, Thi Huynh Phuong Nguyen, Thi My Duyen Nguyen
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Page: 54-64
The spirit of engaged Buddhism in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Duong Xua May Trang
Thi Ngoc Nho Ho
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Page: 65-73
The feature of words of mentality-love in Nguyen Ngoc Tu’s short stories
Thi Hien Nguyen
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Page: 74-80
Narrative language in children's stories by Le Van Nghia
Kim Trang Bui
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Page: 81-86
Loneliness, rebellion in Stray Bullet by Tran Thi NgH
Manh Tuyen Nguyen, Thị Thu Phương Ha
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Page: 87-94
Youths’ exile in short stories of southern urban areas in Bach Khoa magazine of the 1954-1975 period
Ngoc Anh Thu Bui
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Page: 95-101
Applying Ho Chi Minh's teachings for the youth in his Testament to educate studients’ dedication desire at Dong Thap University
Cong Nghia Pham, Anh Thi Le, Phuoc Tien Nguyen
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Page: 102-113
Solutions for enhancing community service awareness among students at Dong Thap University
Tran Huynh Anh Quach, Nguyen Van Truong Pham, Hoang Vu Nguyen
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Page: 114-120