Date Published: 11/12/2018

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Factors influencing intention to use Web 2.0 technologies of English Pedagogic students in Dalat University to supplement teaching
Thi Thuy Dung Nguyen, Tam Ai Tran, Thi Anh Minh Nguyen
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Page: 3-9
Building the standard test score based on the combination of T-GM(m,n), GRA and ROC method
Phuoc Hai Nguyen, Thi Kim Binh Trinh, Phuong Hung Ta
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Page: 10-17
Analyzing international tourists’ motivational factors, visiting Can Tho City
Hong Phuong Vo, Bich Hoa Truong
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Page: 18-24
Determinants of bad debts at Vietnam joint-stock commercial banks
Thanh Dat Nguyen
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Page: 25-30
Evaluating the production efficiency of three-color mango species in Cho Moi District, An Giang Province
Van Tan Truong
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Page: 31-38
Studying changes of some biomedical indicators in male volleyball team players at Ho Chi Minh City University of Physical Education and Sports over a year of practice
Thanh Viet Phan, Hoang Minh Nguyen, Trong Khai Huynh
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Page: 39-43
Selecting criteria for professional qualification for 15-16 year old male free-wrestling athletes in Dong Nai Province
Thai Binh Nguyen, Van Phuong Duong, Binh An Nguyen
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Page: 39-43
Monologue discourse in realistic short stories from Northern Vietnam 1932-1945
Thi Luong Pham
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Page: 48-56
Narrative perspective on feminism in the prose by Nguyen Thi Thuy Vu
Thi My Duyen Nguyen
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Page: 57-63
The naval soldier’s portrait in Bien Xanh Mau La novel by Nguyen Xuan Thuy
Thi Kieu Oanh Nguyen, Thi My Linh Huynh
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Page: 64-72
Bay Nui ox racing festival of Khmer people in An Giang: Tradition and changes
Thi Mai Suong Tu Lam
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Page: 73-77
Buddhist spirit in the Myanmar painting (From the beginning to the 19st century)
Truong Anh Ngoc Le
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Page: 78-83
An Giang landscape, from reality to paintings
Thi Kim Ngan Nguyen
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Page: 84-91
Using classical test theory to analyze multiple – choice questions
Trung Hieu Nguyen, Bich Nhu Nguyen
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Page: 111-116
Reforming and military building during Innovation Movements in Asia (Japan, China, Thailand), early modern times
Thi Anh Dao Le
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Page: 117-120