Date Published: 15/04/2015

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Study on the functons and competencies of a high school principal In the current circumstances
Minh Gian , Thi Tuyet Hanh Nguyen, Hong Phuc Phan
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Page: 3-7
Teachers’ competencies respondingto the requirements of radically and comprehensively innovating vietnam’s education and training in the current circumstances
Nguyen Du Vo
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Page: 8-12
Measures to build managerial staffs of the primary schools in Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province
Anh Hung Phan, Dinh Man Phung
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Page: 13-16
Dong Thap University primary education students’ methods of collecting and analyzing learning information
Mong Tuyen Huynh, Thi Phuong Nguyen
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Page: 17-24
Applying exercises to enhancing the effects of moving techniques for male physical education majors specializing in badminton at Dong Thap University
Viet Thanh Pham
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Page: 25-30
The narrative time in Nguyen Khai’s novelettes after 1975
Thi Thu Ha Ho
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Page: 31-38
Characters’ dialogues and innermost monologues in Trang The Hy’s short stories
Phan Phuong Uyen Nguyen
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Page: 39-46
Competency-based social work education
Van Tu Kieu
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Page: 47-52
Improving junior high school students’ knowledge of physiological change of puberty and safe sex (A case study at Thong Linh Junior High School, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province)
Kim Ngoc Tran
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Page: 53-58
The historcal and cultural values of folk architecture in Dong Thap Province
Thi Ngoc Minh Duong
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Page: 59-64
The role of Theravada Buddhism in Khmer people’s life
Thi Quyen Hoang
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Page: 65069
A comparative genre analysis of university prospectuses in Vietnam and the United Kingdom
Phan Thu Ngan Vo
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Page: 70-76
Science - technology management at Dong Thap University
Huu Gon Nguyen
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Page: 99-105
The roles of foreign direct investment in the industrialization and modernization in Vietnam
Xuan Cuong Phan
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Page: 106-109
Applying marxist-leninist arguments about land and land ownership to accelerating the national industrialization, modernization in the current circumstances
Xuan Quang Ho, Viet Trung Hoang
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Page: 110-114