Dong Thap University Journal of Science

Part A: Social Sciences and Humanities

No 19 (2016-4)

Date Published: 17/04/2016

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Reading "Ho Chi Minh – education pioneer” by Tran Van Nhung resonances and associations
Quoc Bao Dang, Van De Nguyen, Minh Gian Pham
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Page: 3-7
Measures of training soft skills for primary education majors through teaching the subject of Vietnamese-Literature and Instructional Methods
Van Ban Nguyen
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Page: 8-13
Solutions to renovating integrative instruction management at secondary schools in South Vietnam
Minh Oanh Ngo
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Page: 14-19
Some solutions to develop the managerial staff in the Continuing Education Centers Of Ca Mau Province at the present time
Quoc Lam Truong, Dinh Man Phung
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Page: 20-24
Developing resources to effectively communicate life values educationally to young generation
Dieu Ngoc Nguyen
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Page: 25-28
Major-fitness effects on male students at Dong Thap Univerisity after their completion of the advanced badminton 1 course
Viet Thanh Pham
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Page: 29-32
Examining syntactic and lexical features of the introduction of M.A. theses in English Linguistics in Vietnam and Australia
Thi Ngoc Phuong Tran
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Page: 33-36
Testing the existence of herd behavior among investors on the Ha Noi Stock Exchange
Anh Khoa Trinh
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Page: 37-40
Problem solutions for enterprises registering in Thai Nguyen Province
Thu Thuy Nguyen, Thi Hoa Nha Do, Tran My Hanh Phung
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Page: 41-45
The inspiration for life and human beings in Doan Gioi’s prose works
Van Nghiem Nguyen
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Page: 46-54
Balzac and Chinese Tailor Gilr of Dai Sijie viewd from sociological criticism
Thi Thanh Nguyen Tran
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Page: 55-60
Bird symbol in folk verses of South Vietnam
Duy Tung Dao
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Page: 61-66
Applying the budgeting model based on activities of accounting Vietnam public sector
Quang Huy Pham
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Page: 96-100
Research review of civil society in Vietnam
Thi Thuy Tram Phan
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Page: 101-108
The exclusive value of Vietnam folk painting art
Hoang Trong Chau
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Page: 109-115