Date Published: 15/08/2015

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

The current pre-school teachers in Ben Tre Province
Hanh Nga Do
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Page: 3-7
Measures to promote Pedagogical History majors’ self-study ability at Dong Thap University
Xuan Vu Pham
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Page: 8-11
Current self-study of Economics - Business Administration majors, Dong Thap University
Thi Bich Thuy Cao, Hoang Trung Nguyen, Hoang Trung Nguyen
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Page: 12-16
Solutions to Training English essay writing skills for the English majors at Dong Thap University
Ho Cong Hau Nguyen, Van Tac Pham
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Page: 17-25
Legendary features in great men of culture in the Mekong Delta
Thi Hong Hanh Do
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Page: 26-33
Fish symbolism in the Southerners’ folk verses
Duy Tùng Dao, Thi Phuong Lam Doan
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Page: 34-38
Chol Chnam Thamy festival of the Southern Khmer, traditional and modern
Van Luom Nguyen
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Page: 39-42
Traditional employment village in Tay Ninh tourism development
Trong Hieu Nguyen
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Page: 43-52
Features of Ho Chi Minh’s prestige in intellect
Van Quang Nguyen
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Page: 53-58
New rural construction in Dong Thap – the issues raised and recommendations
Ngoc Hoa Pham
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Page: 59-63
Methods of analyzing risky factors in the construction project
Thi My Dung Do
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Page: 97-100
Reality and solutions to improve 5-6 year-old children’s toy-making skills in kindergartens, Dong Thap Province
Thi Mai Huynh, Thi Thu Ha Ho
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Page: 101-105
Occupational Education instruction in the problem - based learning approach at Vinh Long University of Technology Education
Minh Trung Nguyen
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Page: 106-112
Solutions to increase efficiency of the asset management at units affiliated to Dong Thap University
Thi My Xuan Nguyen, Thi Lua Tran
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Page: 113-116
Method to find the nth term in a sequence
Vinh Phat Vuong
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Page: 117-120