Date Published: 09/06/2017

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Measures of enhancing Dong Thap University’s retraining teachers and managerial staffs, meeting requirements of renovating preschool and school education in the new period
Van Ban Nguyen
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Page: 3-6
Solutions to manage reproductive health education for lower secondary schoolers in Thai Nguyen Province
Thi Hang Phung, Thi Chuc Nguyen
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Page: 7-11
Managing theme-integrated instruction at primary schools in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province
Thi Hieu Phi, Thi Que Xuan Nguyen, Thi Lieu Dao
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Page: 12-18
Pedagogical faculty’s ability to develop subject courses
Thi Phuong Hoa Le, Nhu Hoa Le
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Page: 19-24
Some techniques in writing self-evaluation report at high schools
Thanh Lac Dam
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Page: 25-28
Designing and using experimental exercises to develop students’ chemistry experimental competence at pedagogical universities
Huy Hoang Ly, Cu Giac Cao , Hai Dang Le
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Page: 29-35
Students’ characteristics in communication at Da Nang Technical University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Thi Nga Nguyen, Dinh Man Phung
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Page: 36-41
Students’ learning attitude towards education course at The Pedagogical University, Da Nang University
Thi Duyen Le
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Page: 42-46
Measures to educate 5-6 year-old children singing skills in preschool musical activities
Nu Dieu Hang Ton
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Page: 47-52
Using learning games in teaching activities for students at Binh Thuan Community College
Thi Hiep Dinh Dang
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Page: 53-58
Factors affecting students’ research motivation at The University of Science - Thai Nguyen University
Thi Hong Tran, Hai Yen Pham
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Page: 59-67
The main achievements of the political reform of the Prussian Kingdom (1807-1821)
Duy Quang Hien
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Page: 68-73
Family relationship values in hat ru by the Vietnamese in the Mekong Delta
Trung Hieu Doan, Thi Hoang My Tran
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Page: 74-81