Date Published: 16/11/2015

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

40 năm ươm mầm tri thức và gắn bó những ân tình
Van De Nguyen
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Page: 1-4
Promoting the teaching-staff linking activities among universities, colleges in the mekong delta in new context
Van De Nguyen, Van Nghiem Nguyen
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Page: 7-12
Twelve instructions in uncle ho’s education heritage and eduction innovation
Minh Gian Pham, Quoc Bao Dang, Thai Thuy Ngan Tam Tang
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Page: 13-16
Developing the teacher-training tradition to realize radical, comprehensive renovation in education and training
Van Ban Nguyen
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Page: 17-21
Theory of multiple intelligences and methodology innovations at higher education
Khanh Duc Tran, Huu Ngai Pham
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Page: 22-28
Exploring the links between mathematics contents and practice to help students identify and solve problems
Tam Dao
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Page: 29-33
Master degree joint training to sustainablly develop high- quality human resources
Van Tu Nguyen
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Page: 34-37
Integrative instruction of science lessons at primary school
Huy Can Duong
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Page: 38-41
Applying systematic thinking in learning at university
Thi Tuyet Hanh Nguyen
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Page: 42-46
Training human resources for Southern Khmer’s traditional theatre
Hoang Nam Dao
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Page: 47-50
School culture - nature, content, model and building methods
Van Khanh Pham
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Page: 51-56
Solutions to develop managerial staffs in the professional schools in Dalat City, Lam Dong Province
Thi Thanh Nhan Nguyen, Dinh Man Phung
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Page: 57-60
Environment education to children via activities in nursery school
Ho Uyen Tran
Page: 61-65
On a new type of vietnam novel structure 1940-1945: psychological structure
Thu Huong Nguyen
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Page: 66-70
OCLC- The key linking vietnam library and the world
Man Dat Huynh
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Page: 109-112
Vietnam’s public debt – predictive analyses
Hoang Giang Nguyen
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Page: 113-117
Approaches to improve students’ competence of self-study
Thi My Tra Le
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Page: 118-121