Date Published: 10/12/2017

Social Sciences and Humanities Issue

Ho Chi Minh’s wise philosophy of “people education”
Quoc Bao Dang, Minh Gian Pham, Thai Thuy Ngan Tam Tang
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Page: 3-8
Dong Thap University continuing with the effective training of elementary school teachers to meet innovation requirements at general education
Van Ban Nguyen
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Page: 9-13
Designing and using real-world situations in the teaching of analysis grade 12
Tam Dao, Thi Bao Tran Pham
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Page: 14-18
Analysing teachers’ instructional practice: A case of writing an equation of a circle
Huu Tong Duong, Thi Thuy An Tran, Thi Ngoc Dung Duong, Thanh Dien Le, Thi Hoa Tran, Mong Khanh Le, Thi Diem Kieu Huynh, Thanh Su Le, Van Vieng Nguyen
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Page: 19-24
Implementing multiple intelligence theory to teach the Nature – Society subjects by mind mapping
Huy Can Duong
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Page: 25-29
Developing teachers’ adaptive capacity to meet educational mission requirements in the new context
Thi Tuyet Hanh Nguyen
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Page: 30-36
Measures to improve the efficiency of surveying graduates’ employment
Dao Thep Cao, Thi My Hong Huynh
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Page: 37-41
Designing the learning projects of animal topic for 5 graders in creative, experiencial activities
Thi Minh Mẫn Nguyen, Thi Tuong Vi Nguyen
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Page: 42-48
Designing syllabuses consistent with learning outcomes of the training program
Huu Duyet Nguyen
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Page: 49-52
Puberty sex education for secondary school students of Hanoi City through signs of body changes
Long Giang Tran
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Page: 53-57
Problem-solving and discovering approach to teach students of Philology Teacher Education
Thi Trang Vo
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Page: 58-63
Organizating creative, experiential activities in teaching high school Philology, based on Post-2015 Education Program
Phi Na Pham
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Page: 64-68
Solutions to enhance the quality of teaching Informatics practicum at elementary school
Thi Ngoc Chi Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Thuong Nguyen
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Page: 69-73
Remarks on vocabulary used in TV documentary comments broadcast on Dong Thap Television Channel 1
Minh Hung Do, Nguyen Trong Huong Vo
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Page: 74-81
Solutions to enhance the clerical work-archive quality of Dong Thap University in the 2017 – 2022 period
Van Nghiem Nguyen
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Page: 82-85
Teaching staffs’ current development at Ho Chi Minh City Technical And Economic College
Dinh Man Phung, Thi Tuyet Hong Huynh
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Page: 98-102
Reality and solutions to enhance students’ soft skills at the University of Finance and Business Administration
Thi Thuy Nguyen
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Page: 103-109
Integrated teaching orientation at primary schools
Thi My Tra Le
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Page: 110-114
Guiding students self-learn ho Chi Minh Ideology subject – Experience of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Teaccher Training College
Van Trang Nguyen
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Page: 115-120